The Young Adults ministry was established to address challenges faced by the group that was no longer considered youth and not married yet, to help them feel part of the church, to prepare them for marriage. It had been identified that this group seem to be left out of many church activities within the church at large which post a risk of them being lost to the church or living unholy lives. The main objective was to solidify and carry out the church vision and mission within this age group.
This group was narrowed to accommodate those from Youth classes (post high school) to prior marriage (graduates and young graduates in the work place).

In reaching out to this age group the tasks evolved and are now concerned about the practice of brethren fellowship. Our Friday services help that we get to know one another a bit more and are therefore creating bonds which become support structures when one is in need. And it also increases the level of being accountable to one another. We are able to teach each other the narrow way of Christ and discipline one another in love.

Our Friday services are diverse to meet the needs of all individuals:
– preaching services
– Prayer sessions
– Worship sessions
– Movie sessions
– Bible quizzes
– Braai/fellowship sessions
This year we are working on being part of raising building funds for the church as a team and being more effective in outreaches and discipleship.

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